I’m a hen’s tooth in the cycling world. I cycle, but I actively avoid carbohydrates and don’t eat cake. I don’t use energy gels and I don’t take energy drinks. I decline bananas and I eschew jelly babies. I’ve discovered that for the types of cycling that I do, fat and protein (and a small amount of carbohydrate) power me along much more efficiently.

I cycle quite a bit. I cycle to work, I cycle at work, I do cyclo-sportives and audaxes, I cycle tour, I cycle to the shops and I cycle for leisure. I ride a fixie, a folder, a road bike and, now and again, on the trail.

I used to strongly adhere to the calories in/calories out theory, until I discovered that following ‘conventional wisdom’ (CW) dietary advice was blocking my weight loss and hindering my athletic progress, and probably damaging my health. I now quite firmly believe that the nutritional guidance published in most cycling literature and on the internet is not suitable for most cyclists, being based as it is on the ubiquitous carbohydrate.

The blog is called ‘The Primal Cyclist’ because I follow a modern take on a ‘primal’ or ‘paleolithic‘ way of life and recommend that you visit the excellent Mark’s Daily Apple blog or read The Primal Blueprint to find out more.

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