Right then. My blog. It’s been a while…

I am an expert at procrastinating and I’ve done it about this blog for far too long. I have actually been quite busy, with cycling, erm, cycling and some other cycling related stuff; but that is no excuse. I find myself in conversations about the food I eat and the way I exercise almost every day; some people agree with my points of view, some don’t. What I do know is that the people who I recommend to try cutting the carbs and eating real food lose weight quite easily and feel great. They pack on lean muscle and do better in the gym and on the bike. I’ve reaffirmed the need I have for an outlet about my low-carb and cycling musings and I intend to get back to this blog and share some (hopefully) interesting nutrition and cycling related information.

So, what have I been up to?

In February I took a cycling physiology test and it turns out my numbers were pretty decent for a carbohydrate avoider. Or maybe they were decent BECAUSE I’m a carbohydrate avoider… The University later contacted me and asked if I’d like to take part in a study they are carrying out about muscle gene expression. Being a science geek I jumped at the chance and will be having little lumps taken out of my thigh muscles after sprinting like a nutter for two minutes.

I had a tangle with a car which ended up with me injuring my knees and needing a new front wheel for my Langster. I was off the bike for a couple of weeks, but have returned with a vengeance.

I’ve experimented with supplementation, primarily with magnesium, to try to deal with the killer migraines that I get about once a month. I’ve had some success and will post about my experience. I’ve ordered some vitamin D3 and fish oil tablets and will be self-experimenting with them over the next few months.

I’ve nailed some primal recipes which I’ll be posting soon, including my best chilli con carne recipe and a fantastic rogan josh-esque curry that I whipped up last night.

I’m even trying to conquer my procrastination.

Stay tuned.

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